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Mel Wade

Welcome to Mel Wade Music. Read what a few of Mel’s listeners have to say:

"You love Mel Wade's music for the same reasons you love her. It is genuine, stripped down, and inviting. The richness and depth of her voice, combined with the sweet strum of her guitar, create a sound best described as an experience. From her vocals, to her lyrics, to her guitar, Mel always strikes a chord with her audience."
"Mel Wade's beautiful voice, lyrical songs and soulful sincerity feel like coming home."
"I have witnessed the arc of an artist as Meli has grown from a shy, reluctant strummer with a whisper voice to a picker and performer of great passion and presence. Meli has developed her gift through the honesty of sweat and callus, and she chooses every day to gift it to anyone who walks in the room."
"Mel Wade sings with the natural warmth of her speaking voice, and the similarities between the two convey a fetching sincerity."
"I first heard Mel Wade playing music 20 years ago. It wasn't on the strings she now tantalizes, but on those of her mother's piano. I was instantly an admirer of the depth to which she was able to infuse someone else's music with so much of her own energy and soul. I cherish the memories of her awakening wood and strings with such subtle power that my world stopped its chaotic turning, and paused with me to bask in the melodic landscape she so artfully brings to life."